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Proof of address


Proof of address

So recently, i was informed to upload documents for proof of address, it said that i can send utility bills, goverment issued documents and bank or card statement. And here is the problem:

I live with my parent so most utility bills are under my parent name, and for cellphone bills idk what it mean, i mean can i send them the bill which i charge money on my pre-paid phone number ?

My country's bank statement doesn't have my address on it, only my card number and name, idk if that gonna work well but i just submited it.

And government issued documents, i'm not pretty sure about this part, it said that that maybe a tax statement, residental documents, ... so i asked my friend and they said passport or driver licenses also work as governemt issued id, so will it get approved by the staff ? will my bank statement work too ( w/o the address)?

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Re: Proof of address



These documents must be dated within the last 3 months to be considered acceptable:

  • Current utility bill dated within the last 3 months
  • Bank, credit card, or financial statement
  • Cell phone bill

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