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Problem with invoicing/paying.

New Community Member

Problem with invoicing/paying.

A seller has tried multiple times to send an invoice to me, so I can pay for my purchase. Last one was yesterday, have never had this problem before, I watch for my email notice that PayPal has invoiced me and have never received notice. I've even checked my SPAM folder. I've looked al my activity log, thinking maybe it was missed and there is no invoice from this seller. Any ideas what is happening and what to do next.



Re: Problem with invoicing/paying.



I'm so sorry to hear this!  Based on the information provided, it sounds like the issue could be on the merchant's end.  I recommend that they reach out to us directly for further assistance.  They can click 'Contact Us' at the bottom of any of our pages to get a phone number to reach us at, or they can contact us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( 


- Randy