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Problem adding funds from bank account as a new user

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Problem adding funds from bank account as a new user

Hi, I am from India and I just created my account and took me a day to connect to my bank account. Now it's connected fine. I want to add some funds to my paypal account from the bank account. But I dont see any options to add funds to the paypal from the bank account. Upon some research what I found was that you need to click on transfer funds to do what I have mentioned. But then again, you need to have funds to even click on that and proceed with that option. 

Now yall might suggest me to add my credit debit card but everytime I try to do so, it says cannot confirm the user but the card is linked to the account. And now I have no ways to contact to my bank since I am not in India. Please help me add funds from the bank account. Thank you.

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Re: Problem adding funds from bank account as a new user



Cannot add funds with India accounts. If you want to buy something, normally just go to a online retailer that accepts PayPal, log in to your PayPal account to pay and select your linked bank account or card if you linked it to pay. My advice is if you do not need to use your PayPal account while abroad, don't, until you return to India. Use your credit card, debit card or travelers checks. They also protect your from unauthorized use. Since you're not logging in from India, the account will have experience poor or unpredictable performance because its having trouble identifying you and for your account's security reasons will block certain actions such as logging on and adding and removing financial information. If your account is ever locked or limited asking for documents, its a very time consuming to fix. If you can log in fine to check if the account is ok, then do that but to accept payments could be problematic. Buying is less problematic but still be careful and with casual level of activity. 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂