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Primary email address, (removal of).


Primary email address, (removal of).

Hello and greetings to each and every one of you.

I have come upon a problem and do I know how to be landed with the worst annoying ones.

So here we go.

I left BT as my internet providers years ago but the email address continued to work so I continued to use it, well you would would'nt you, well I certainly did that is until very recently when I received a call from BT informing me that because I no longer had my account with them they were cutting off the email address. Ok well it must be10 years since I changed from them to another provider, but now here's the crooks of the problem. Cleaning up my current email addresses on various sites that I subscribe to, I came to do due diligence in my ' PayPal ' settings in order to remove the old primary account email address, and yes you guest it, having first registered my new email address. All sounds good so far, but guess what? It will not let me remove that old but primary address. Imagine the face I m pulling Wright now, have you ever seen a constipated sprocket eyed Mank, I know you just cant imagine. The trouble is, if I am ever to be sent emails from 'Pay pal' they are just going to stay up in the nether regions of cibor space and neither of us will know where it is or even if it still exists.

So that's it really. Who knows how I can clean up this mess. I really dislike leaving things half done, it drives me nuts.

Still it tells a good story.

I look forward to your replies folks.

Lots of Love, Peace and Happiness to you all. Oh and remember it's POETS day today. 🤒 I know, I'm not well,lol.


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Re: Primary email address, (removal of).



Once you have added and verified your new email address then go and click on 'update' and tick the box underneath that says 'make primary' > then you should get the option to remove the old email address BUT even if you can't emails should go to your new primary address.



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