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Please help im stuck on what to do?

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Please help im stuck on what to do?

Hello, I am trying to close this paypal account for personal reasons that i cannot say here. But when i try to close the account it does not let me because it says i have negative balance. I do not have a negative balance, as a matter of fact it turns out i cannot close it because the account has a small balance on it 60cent. So like anyone i tried to with the draw the money and it says i can't withdraw because it is below the minimum. 

how am i suppose to close the account if i cant even get the money out of the account???

Please help and thank you!

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Re: Please help im stuck on what to do?

Get someone to send you a small amount of money to raise the balance over the minimum and then withdraw it.

Make sure they send it using the friends / family option and fund it with funds from their paypal balance or bank account (so that there is no fee).

You can of course only use that option if you are in a country where it is an option.

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