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Phone number changed - can't log in


Re: Phone number changed - can't log in

I tried everything - still can't login..


Re: Phone number changed - can't log in

still the same issue with dishonesty and a lack of respect for customers.


i was told 4 or 5 months ago it would be sorted in short while, just small technical issue paypal end no big deal will be fine, now the goalposts have moved and you cannot use paypal without mobile. i do not blame staff for lying or doing as they are told but id be a little uncomfortable working there time to see if theres any other options, messing folk around when they need to pay for meds, food, family stuff, its not good.


when you call you must confirm who you are so it did seem quite suspect that having done that you cant just tell them the number and unblock the account. they get quite nervous when asked why not and tbf some are very polite and accept its utterly shameful behaviour. 


why not just charge people a tenner to unblock their account it would be unfair yes but that way we get to use paypal again buy food etc and the spivs coin in even more dosh.



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Phone number



The problem for me is that I ask for my phone number when I check in. However, my number has changed so I can’t log in to change it. What can I do?


Thanks in advance for the help! 

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login problems

my friend paypal having login problems. The phone is lost for my friend.he want two fact verfication off. Please help. Can't even contact Customercare. he is Stay helpless.

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I’ve changed my mobile and now I can’t log into my account. How do I go about accessing my account again?
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cant get past authentification page to change phone settings as the authentification contact number is old mobile number 


Forgot password, security questions

Hi! Please help me!


I can't change my password or verify my account because I forgot password, security questions, and no access to the mobile number associated with the Paypal account

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Login issues

Hi, can you please help me out, didn't use account for quite a while, tried to login, they are asking to call or text message, but I don't have anymorr phone number registered on account