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Phone number changed - can't log in

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New mobile number and can't login

Hi all, just tried to login but it requesting to send a text code to my old mobile number as I have a new number I can't login at the moment how can I resolve this?
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verification telephone number

i have not used my pay pal for a while,im trying to problem is its wanting to send a verification code to a number that is not my mobile, its my home phone. it will not let me change this as i have to login to do so but it only takes me as far as the mobile code verification question is how do i change a phone number on my account if i cant log in.

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(Asking for a friend) changed phones and now locked out of account

As stated above my friend had used an old phone and number to set up his PayPal and now has a new number and mobile phone. He is trying to loflg in and the 2 stage verification only gives the receive a text or call me option to the old number. He tried calling yesterday but this went nowhere. Unable to change passwords as suggested in another post. Please help.
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CAnt acces account

Hi, my old number is on my account and it does not let me in without verifying with either txt code or call to the number I no longer have access to. The help desk does not answer phone, how do I access my account again and who to turn to if there is no helpdesk??
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Changed contact phone number

I have cancelled my registered contact PayPal Tel no. I cannot access my account now as PayPal wants to send verification code to my old number. How do I access my account now I have a new Tel number but pp don't know this number
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I’ve sent a friend £100 and they can’t access their account as the is a security check which requires their old phone number which is out of date. They isn’t another method of authentication available. They know their password and login. What do I do?

Old Mobile Number registered on Paypal dead

I wanted to check my other paypal account to see if I got hacked or something but I can't log in because the number I used is long gone dead and I wasn't able to change it before that happened. (my fault I know)


Anyone know what else to do or at least email paypal? Thanks

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I do not have access to mobile phone and hence cannot enter login code. How do I access my account?

I do not have access to mobile phone and hence cannot enter login code. How do I access my account?


Locked out of Account.

****Update!!! I've cracked it myself! If anyone needs any help doing it feel free to contact me **** Hi all, 02 have changed my phone instantly so I haven't been able to change the number on my PayPal account 🤦 I cannot access my account due the two factor authentication so I'm at a loss how I can access it. I have PayPal credit so I need to be able to pay this every month. If I phone them tomorrow will they be able to change the number for me? Any other solutions? I've tried going through the app and it doesn't work still have same problem.
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Re: Locked out of Account.

Hey! How did you manage it?