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Phone number changed - can't log in


New PSD2

New PSD2 Regulations change the way you log in with PayPal. If your mobile number isn’t up to date access will be disrupted. Please check your Profile now. What is this? I made my account for the first time. I have had the same phone number over 20 years. I had problems to run this on my computer but I cannot explain it in English. Sorry, my English is bad and it makes this even worst. There is nothing wrong with the telephone number.

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Phone number

I have added my updated number, but some stupid reason PayPal wants to verify me using an old number that is no longer in service and I cannot use the damn phone number which means I cannot use my account
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hello i lost my phone and since then i have not been able to log in into my account becausei have to verify with my old simcard. Is there any advice?



Locked out account

Hi, I've been locked out my account for over a year. The reason being I have a new phone and number, and my account is linked to my old one. Upon seeking advice from PayPal on Facebook and also the live chat, I found their solution actually did not work.. and was probably based on out dated information. I thought this unlikely however there were definite inconsistencies in the steps provided. Is anyone able to give me a bullet proof answer to this problem? I would be extremely greatful.

Changed of phone number

I have changed my phone number and have no longer access to my old number, to sign into my account I’ve been sent a code to my old number. Is there any way to sign into my account?
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3 hours calling Paypal, no one picking up

I can't get into my old account because it has an old number I don't use. I'm sure the only option it to ring up and get them to give me access to account, but I've had the phone on loud speaker for 3 hour listening to the same crap tune getting nowhere. How can I get into my account or get hold of someone at paypal. The most ridiculous I've ever seen and it's been like this for years. 


Anyway to resolve this quickly?


Login problem

Hello, I can't login to my other account because I no longer have access to phone number which that account uses. I know the email, password, have the card information. I just dont own the phone number anymore.


Can you please tell me what to do?


Thank you,


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Unable to add phone number

When I try to update my phone number, the system says my number isn't accepted. How am I suppose to verify my account if it won't accept my number?

Telephone number

Hi. My telephone number is not correct. How can I change my phone number. The stationar telephone number has also changed.

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Logging into account

I've changed my mobile number. I cannot log onto Paypal without changing my password. In order to change my password, I need to enter the code sent to my old mobile, for which I don't have. The recommendation is to change the mobile number on the settings page but you cannot get to the settings page without logging in.  The site doesn't allow you to contact PayPal direct without logging in? Can anyone assist?