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Phone number changed - can't log in


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

Been using ebay since 2006 and paypal since they made it mandatory ( 11 years ? ) and do not have a cellphone ...and they will not allow access to pay online unless I buy a cell phone to use them which I will not do ,  so I will mail in the last check to the card cancel it and  and stop using ebay .


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

Perhaps you can explain exactly why Paypal has decided that they can only send verification codes by mobile? My bank (Halifax in the UK) sends any necessary codes by landline.


I don't have a mobile and I have no intention of ever getting one. I'm no technophobe: I got my PhD in Computer Science last year. Also I'm not poor, but a mobile would still be an unnecessary expense just for the convenience of carrying on using Paypal. I paid for things without any problem before Paypal and I will after they've caused me to close my account. 


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

Its about freedom of choice and if a company thinks it can take away our freedom of choice, then that company needs to think again.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

This is a ridiculous new policy.  Cell phones are not an option for many people.  Some don't have them; others may not have reliable service in their area.  I fall in to both of those categories.

 Just about every other company I deal with that requires verification uses email verification as an option.  Paypal need to add email verification.  If it works for my credit card company, the Gas Company, the electric company, etc., it will work for paypal.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

I had a similar problem.  I changed my phone number when I moved then when I tried to log in it went through a two step process and sent a message to the old phone number.  Try as I might I cannot get around this issue and can no longer access my account.  I have tried calling but never get through to a person, I just get cut off. VERY FRUSTRATING

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Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

I have no need or have any intention of buying a mobile phone. 

What annoys me further is PayPal state it is an EU regulation - well the good people of the UK voted to leave the EU, mainly because of all these regulation.

Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

The problem are still not solve. I have a cellphone for listen music or using internet but no call. (don't have number)

But i'm not going to pay for a line or service just to have paypall.

I have a landline why not to send a code on it. Or by e-mail.

It's unfair.

I shop a lot online and some of them have just paypall option.

What can I do more. Just because i can't receive your SMS !?

I have money. I have credit card.  i have bank account. I have a landline phone#. I have an adress... I have an e-mail adress too.

Give more options !!!! You want information no problem!? But no SMS!!!!

What can I do !???????




Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

PayPal, please consider allowing your customers a choice in sending your security codes via the PP account-holder's email addresss or a cell phone.


I'm helping a PP account-holder - who has no cell phone, but does have a computer - by negotiating a mutually agreeable phone meeting date/time, we connect via phone (one cell, one land-line), he clicks a PayPal link to access Iforgetwhat. He clicks the link, it generates a confirmation code that comes to my cell phone, & I tell him over the phone what the code is. He enters it, it works, he calms down, and life goes on 'til the next time. Bizzare but true.


There are more bizzare but true problems we're having with our PayPal account, including my email address unexpectedly winding up on our account, changing all of our users' passwords to the same password, but that - and other problems - are for another topic.


Please, give us customers a security-code-via-email option.


Thanks for listening.


Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

"Who the heck thinks this is a solution to solve the problem saying SOLVED!! As posted top of page!!"

The thread was marked solved by an administrator ... PayPal_Rajesh on the 24th of August I suspect they are hoping the thread will go away !!!

Re: Don’t have a mobile phone

truely horrible design paypal.  Let me access my money without adding a mobile number.  Why require this?  Fraud?  Lame excuse.