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Permanent BAN / limited account.

New Community Member

Permanent BAN / limited account.

Got a permanent ban / limitation and account blocked or terminated without any good reasons..


I've had an account for YEARS, in good standing,etc. Never had a problem.

I've sent quite a bit of money back in late 2017 to a few people for a project.


They sent me that thorough identity confirmation process to keep going.


Submitted all documents, all were accepted, except the proof of identity was rejected multiple times.

The document they ask doesn't exist with the date of birth on it, in Quebec, Canada.

And I believe some other people around the world have been having trouble with this process as well.


After trying to contact them by e-mail, without any responses, I called.

They said that my account was terminated.

I asked to get access to my money in the account and I got it transfered to my bank not long after, no problem there.


I also asked what I need to do to keep using PayPal.

"I have to create a new account?" The girl on the phone said yes.


I did, now this account not long after sending and receiving some money, got permanently limited.


I cannot use PayPal anymore, ever, for the rest of my life.

I called twice so far.. no specific reason given, other than "business decision".

People on the phone being rude. Unheplful.


I feel like I'm being treated as a criminal or a scammer?

PayPal is just a great service and useful. And I need it to receive money for business and personal matters.


What have you become?

All this process was caused ENTERILY by PayPal itself, revoking access to some people, almost at random, to their services.


I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here.

I don't know if anyone got out of this mess and had success getting access to their service again.


Please. Help.