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Paypal not letting me pay it?!?


Paypal not letting me pay it?!?

I have a paypal balance that I've been trying to pay for a few days now online with my amex card and it keeps giving me an error and won't let me pay it! This is super frustrating! They want the money...but won't let me pay it??? Now I have to call and sit on hold for forever to resolve this?? Or is there a problem with their system? Help!!

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Re: Paypal not letting me pay it?!?



Ways to clear a negative balance.

1. Transfer funds from your bank account (NOT a card) via "add funds" if you choose the faster method it should be done quickly.

2. Get a mate or family member to send you a payment to your paypal via the friends / family option (as long as they don't fund it with a card there is no fee).

3. Via a card over the phone with paypal.

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