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Paypal access, no mobile phone

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Paypal access, no mobile phone

Last week I had to re-install Windows 10 onto my laptop and by doing so all my passwords were deleted. I easily managed to reload all my passwords for various sites except one, namely Paypal.

On Friday after trying unsuccessfully to log-on, I then had to phone Paypal to get assistance. After changing passwords I was then expecting a phone-call with a log-in code which did not materialise. I made another call and explained that I did not have a mobile phone, only a landline. The lady agent on the other end said that was all right but despite several attempts nothing happened. On Saturday morning I spoke to an agent called Jake who told me I had to wait 24 hours to attempt a log-in, I wish I was told that on Friday.

Forward 24 hours to Sunday morning and I spoke to an agent called Frank who told me I can only access Paypal with a mobile phone. I told him this was incorrect and  asked how I could complain. He said he would e-mail me a link which 48 hours later still has not arrived. I am now locked out f my Paypal account

After perusing the Paypal website I came across the following page which states that I can still log into Paypal with a landline.

I know you can still use financial based organisations using only a landlime because I bank online with HSBC

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Re: Paypal access, no mobile phone



Read the reply from the moderator on this thread......

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