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Paypal Ignores their customers !!!!! Cant make payments on account No messages

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Paypal Ignores their customers !!!!! Cant make payments on account No messages

Hi I have a new account and I could not make a payment on for the last few months paypal have basically ignored me over it.


I no longer have access to said email to settle a dispute on my account cause i deleted that email from gmail and I dont want to bring it back live as was being stalked on it Paypal have not been helpful in helping sort this situation out at all ignoring me on twitter and in the support center what is my best way to sort this out cause now I cant even get in touch with a paypal agent !!!!!!! Im loosing the streaming services that i pay via paypall


Ive brought allot of freelancing money through paypal in past.


My father has allzimers and this is the lest of my worries.

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Re: Paypal Ignores their customers !!!!! Cant make payments on account No messages

Hi sorry to hear. They have not resolved my account limitations after 6 weeks of me sennding information. I send them emails, called no answers and nothing. Have 5k $ I cannot access that I need to. It is ridiculous. Any tips on how to get a US agent on the phone or on what I can do


PayPal deleted my message center messages also

Hiya, I am writing here because I am also getting ignored by the PayPal staff. I am hoping that someone can let me know what my options are with my issue. I have contested a payment for a product that was not as specified. I created a case for the payment in the resolution center. The company didn't respond until near the end of the 30 day time limit which made me think they weren't going to respond at all. I thought in that case the refund would automatically be granted. By the time I had logged in and found out that this company had in fact responded my case had been closed and my refund denied. I then contacted PayPal asking why the company was able to deny my refund and have the case closed so easily. The process didn't make sense to me because I had already asked the company directly for a refund and they just regurgitated the same reply from before in response to my dispute. Someone from the PayPal staff kindly responded and said that they would put in for the refund and that if the company didn't respond in 5 days I would get the refund. No refund and no further contact from PayPal. Now each time I go to the message center and send a message about this issue the messages are magically disappearing and I never get a reply. This last time which was the fourth time I have messaged about this I took a screenshot of the new message showing in the message list. I logged in just now to find my new message gone again and no response so I know now that it's being deleted by PayPal. Why isn't PayPal backing up their supposed buyer protection for my purchase? What are my options here? I have been with PayPal for close to 20 years but this is really **bleep** me off to where I want to cancel my account. I do thousands of dollars in business every month through my PayPal account and I was wanting to become a merchant also. This is only the second time I've ever asked for a refund in all the time that I have had this account. The first one was for a product that I found out was stolen. I definitely don't have an unreasonable amount of refund requests. What other ways can I contact PayPal and why do they think it's okay to delete my messages and ignore me? Maybe we should all start boycotting PayPal since they are ignoring us. Thank you for any help that you can give me. It would be truly appreciated.

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Re: PayPal deleted my message center messages also



Sorry can't wade through that big block of text.

Can you edit with just the facts and add some paragraphs, it helps to read it.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.