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#Paypal Account Locked #ICan'tAccessMyPaypalAccount

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#Paypal Account Locked #ICan'tAccessMyPaypalAccount

I am from Myanmar.At this time,We are very difficult to access the internet because of the military's internet cut out. We can't use Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram and so on.If we want to use these social medias, We have to use a VPN. To Use A Paid VPN, I have to make a payment. So,I started to use Paypal. In our country, Paypal services are not available.So, I created a paypal account with Fake US Phone Number And Fake US Adress.But I linked this Paypal account with my VISA card. I made a VPN Subscription payment yesterday. I dun do any crimes ! I dun do any harmful things! But My Paypal account has been locked and Paypal sent me a message ''You Can't use Paypal Anymore'' I want to use Paypal more! I started to like the use of Paypal. Please Unlock My Paypal Account. Although I dun have US SSN , I can give you all of my informations To use my Paypal. Please Help Me Paypal! We are in very trouble now even to use Internet. So,I need to make a payment to buy a paid-VPN. And The only VPN who can work with the operator in our country,can only buy with Paypal.They dun accept VISA or Master Card directly . If you dun believe my words, Plz Take A Check at Thanks Paypal! I Hope You Will Help Me! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Re: #Paypal Account Locked #ICan'tAccessMyPaypalAccount



Paypal is not available or supported in your country and its against paypal rules to try and use another countries paypal account.

That apart from the fact its against their rules to add fake information to a legal financial account.

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