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PayPal and Ebay problems

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PayPal and Ebay problems

Have been trying for three days to make a purchase from a merchant who only accepts payment from PayPal for an item on Ebay.  Ebay appears to be unable to link up to my account in PayPal.  PayPal says I have an account.  However the Google password connection does not list passwords for either place.  What is the problem?


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Re: PayPal and Ebay problems



See if ebay is already linked to your PayPal account or not and then cancel it and do the linking over again:


Go to Settings (gear icon) > Payments > Manage Automatic Payments

Select merchant on left, click Cancel on the right.


Maybe also try clearing out browser cache and cookies as well and then restart your device before trying again.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂