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PayPal account has been limited makes no sense

New Community Member

PayPal account has been limited makes no sense

Hello dear PayPal and community. I made PayPal first time in my life also with ebay. I have some spare items, and I decided to sell them. I sold 2 cameras, Logitech c920. I'm using a personal account. After I sold the second camera I received an email that my PayPal account is limited.


PayPal requested some details of me. I already verified my email, phone, and identity, but now they want invoice for that items of me and proof of delivery...

I don't understand that. My friend told me he never had that issue even he sold like 50+ items. I'm using a personal account and trying sell just a few items I don't need. So what's going on? Anyone can explain this to me? I just want to keep using it normally.


Re: PayPal account has been limited makes no sense

Hello PeterS92! Thank you for your post and welcome to the PayPal UK Community! I am really sorry to hear that this has happened. When you open a PayPal account, we only ask you for the essential information so you can start using your account straight away. However, it sounds like the relevant team would like to verify the activity on your account since you just have started selling and receiving payments on your PayPal account. I understand that this is not the ideal situation but we aim to keep both your account and the PayPal platform safe. I recommend taking at this article for more information about the limitation process Hope this helps. - Carlos