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PayPal Verifying Personal Data

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PayPal Verifying Personal Data

I received a payment through PayPal for an item I am selling on Ebay. When I log into my PayPal account, it is requesting my name, birthdate and last four digits of my social security number. I've never had to provide this information before for accepting monies.


This is my first time selling on Ebay and want to know if this information is required when you have signed into PayPal?  Concerned that this might not be a legitimate purchase and want to make sure my PayPal account hasn't ben hacked. 


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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Re: PayPal Verifying Personal Data



If your PayPal account balance has not been set up with a PayPal Cash or Cash Plus account, then PayPal is trying to set one up now by verifying personal data so you can hold a balance and spend the balance. Or link a bank account to transfer the money out immediately.

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Re: PayPal Verifying Personal Data

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