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PayPal Verification took so long and ruined my business

New Community Member

PayPal Verification took so long and ruined my business


I have an issue, both send and withdraw limit has been removed but PayPal wont allow me to send money to others, i've submit my personal id to verify my PayPal but it's currently under review.. why it took so long? i've received so many complaints because i'm out of stock (digital stuff) and i cant send any money in order to restock my stuff.

And also i'm not an owner of my household so i don't have any utility bills with my name on it but i can send my family card to review because i currently living with my grandparents. And one more thing, my Personal ID issued by government is under progress for 5month (i'm living in small town so it took that long) but they give me a piece of document (document i submit to PayPal to verify my account) which contain my current address, valid identity, and else.

Please reply and help me asap, and also i'm deeply sorry my english is not that good Smiley Sad