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PayPal/Shareholders: I now use other payment methods instead of PayPal

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It'll be good news to PayPal and its shareholders and associated financial services companies that my years of transactions will no longer be such a huge security threat to PayPal that it had to resort to stopping Landline Phone users like myself from using the online PayPal system.

I now use other payment methods instead of PayPal.

After "eventually" getting through to a PayPal rep, several hours On-Hold, I interviewed the person about the login problem, revealing:

1/ Landline Phone users are now stopped from managing their PayPal accounts.
2/ You can no longer have access to "managing" your account if you do not have a mobile phone.
3/ This policy was a phased implementation from Feb 2020, which is why I wasn't impacted by it till March 2021 when a phase ended me being able to use PayPal after many years.
4/ They said they have lots and lots of callers calling about this login problem.
5/ Supposedly this was a C19 related change....


This policy is clearly nothing to do with security.

PayPal clearly couldn't give a * about security, as it retains the user's ability to "login" purchases while at the same time not allowing them to see their purchases on account at PayPal - THAT'S A SECURITY PROBLEM "generated by" PayPal. In fact you can even login here in the Community Forum.

This policy is nothing to do with security.
PayPal's incompetent and inept.

Goodbye PayPal and PayPal shareholders and associated Financial Institutions - you might enjoy kicking users, but remember, they do have memories.

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