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PayPal Pages Direct me to wrong country

PayPal Pages Direct me to wrong country

Hi all,

I have a Scottish Company and created a PayPal account with PayPal UK.


Whilst travelling in South Africa I tried to access via the internet my UK PayPal Account. Unfortunately the PayPal system "saw" that my PC was logging in from South Africa and somehow has made my UK account "semi South African"


What I mean is that my address is now xxxxx, Glasgow , G20 8XX, Lanarkshire, SOUTH AFRICA.

It will not allow me to change phones numbers to the UK formats.


PayPal's help facility will not allow me into the UK site. It forces me into the etc pages


All the idiots manning the South African help site have to say is that I am "not allowed to change the country"  They just can't or won't understand that I just want to get back to what it was.


Does anybody out there have any idea what I can do or have contact details of someone at PayPal UK so that I can help some help.







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