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PayPal Incorrect First Name


PayPal Incorrect First Name

Please help!


So back in 2013 I created my PayPal account using the first name "Adam' (I understand it's my fault for not putting in my correct full first name back then when I was younger)


However now that I want to use the PayPal account I need it to actually match my full correct first name "Adam Carl" (as per my bank info)


PayPal requires the the ff documentation (But my scenario is just an incorrect name, not marriage, divorce, or a legal name change)

  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificate of divorce
  • Deed poll

I've sent my birth certificate in place of one of these documents, haven't heard back yet. I was thinking there must have been someone else that done something like this?


Or can I just cancel my account and signup again using the same name, email, and card?

Any help is much appreciated!