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PayPal BUG: inability to confirm phone number

New Community Member

PayPal BUG: inability to confirm phone number

I want to link a bank account.

The only way this will happen in the paypal system is for them to text me or call me to confirm that it is really me making the request.  OK, good security; I like that.

But in this day and age, my mobile phone is under my business name, and I don't have a landline.  So the paypal system will not let me use my phone number (registered in the business name) as a valid phone number for the purposes of linking a bank account. (The system does let me use the phone number in my profile, but reports it as "unconfirmed".)  Eventually, while trying to link the bank account, the paypal system gave me an error message telling me to call Paypal, which I did.  The Paypal representative asked me a series of security questions to prove it was me, which I answered correctly, and which enabled her to link a bank account. 

However, the agent was still not allowed to confirm my phone number as being valid for me.  Consequently, in the future, I will have to go through this process of calling in to Paypal every time PayPal wants to validate something with a phone text or call.


I can see the same problem for couples where the phone number is one person's name, but the paypal account is in the other person's name.  


Very frustrating and inappropriate in this technological age that even after proving you are who you are with advanced security questions, Paypal will not accept that as proof that you know your own phone number.