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Old PayPal account with funds unable to transfer to new account

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Old PayPal account with funds unable to transfer to new account

I cannot be the only person who has closed an email account ????? Well I have funds still in a PayPal account sat there I have spent hours on message centre chats trying to get common sense out of each representative I deal with I just want my funds from my old PayPal account moved to my new one,that's it , I'm not trying to learn mandarin Chinese or rewire a spaceship the fact that PayPal is not contactable by phone for nearly a year is frustrating beyond belief , typing for hours to get cut off or told the message did go through or send documents to prove who you are is infuriating nothing is simple with PayPal , messages like ..follow this link and send us your documents , click on the link and I have to log in again , only this time it asks f9r my password and it doesn't recognise it and props me to change it and start again ? Hang on I'm already logged in viewing the message centre and clicking on the link you sent me and now I'm in a loop 're setting my password !!! Pathetic over complicated and not necessary,  I'm almost after 6 month's of trying ready to give up and accept I will never get my money from the old account transferred to my new account it is so hard 


Re: Old PayPal account with funds unable to transfer to new account

Hi @Garygeeze,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


I am sorry to hear about your negative experience. Surely, that is not what we are looking for in the experience we offer our customer. Please note that in general, if you don't have access to your PayPal account and you don't have access to your email address, your best option would be to contact us over the phone. Since you have added the UK as the country of your PayPal account, you should be able to call us and request that the funds are transferred to your new account, if we asked you to create one. 


 To do so, go to the 'Help & Contact' icon on the PayPal website and click the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page. From here, click the 'Password and Account Access' option, then 'Login Problems'. At the bottom of that page, you will see 'Call us' to reach out to us over the phone.


I hope this helps!