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Not receiving confirmation emails


Not receiving confirmation emails

We have set up a PayPal account for our church to receive donations. As communications director, I set up the account but access and information also need to go to the accounts administrator. To resolve this, we added an authorized user.


However, she is unable to get her email addresses confirmed so as to begin to receive updates. Attempts to add an additional email to the owner account have also failed. We add the address, click "Confirm email" see the message "Check your email to confirm" but there is never any email that arrives. It is not in our spam folders, it is not blocked by our ISP (we get other PayPal emails just fine). But every time we try to raise this issue with PayPal, they send us to the same page that walks us through the process we have just been through dozens of times.


This is clearly an issue on the PayPal side, but for some reason we are having tremendous trouble getting anyone to understand this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.