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Not getting paypal sms code / messages


Not getting paypal sms code / messages

I'm having this problem where I need to verify my phone number in order to transfer money from PayPal to my bank account, but I'm not receiving any messages from PayPal since I created this account.


I've read many forum posts about this and I have already tried calling my phone provider to see if my phone was blocking any messages, I also went in person to double-check, I am able to receive any kind of text message, including messages from short numbers and my phone spam filters are not blocking anything either.


I have heard from forum posts that I have to

  • Have my number associated with my name (Right now it is with my father's name)
  • Not use a prepaid number (Which I do)
  • Donate to a Paypal charity and wait around two weeks

I wanted to know if doing the things that I listed above would help me to solve this problem with Paypal's SMS, I really need to fix it since I get paid to my PayPal and not directly to my bank account, I would really appreciate any kind of help with the issue.