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No button to confirm newly added card

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No button to confirm newly added card


I've been using paypal since 2010 and had no issues with my cards issued by the same bank until now!

I've got a new mastercard and I am unable to confirm that it belongs to me since there is no "confirm card" button in the UI.


What is the reason ? Is this a bug or was there any policy update which is restricting me from using paypal service in my country ?

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Re: No button to confirm newly added card

I hope this community forum is not useless as it looks like. Can anyone give some info?


Re: No button to confirm newly added card

Hi there arthur-p,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! 


In general, if you are unable to confirm the credit card that you have added it may be, for example, that it has already been confirmed or that you face the issue due to a cache and cookies problem. Your best option would be to try to clear cache and cookies, delete your browser history and wait 48 hours before trying again. This may solve your issue.


As a second option, you can contact our Customer Service and one of our representatives will be happy to help you solve the issue. If you would like to call in, you can find the correct phone number for your country by clicking 'Help & Contact' at the bottom of the PayPal homepage and then clicking 'Call customer support'. You can also contact us on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@AskPayPal).


I hope this helps!