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New bank card

New Community Member

New bank card

Hi all,

 My bank card expired and I got a new one. I got an e-mailed from PayPal saying I needed to update the SSC and expiry date. Is this right. While I see this would be due process, scams are getting cleverer!

Any good advice would be appreciated!

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Re: New bank card

Hi there Iaintommo. 

Welcome to the Community!


If your card was due to expire on PayPal, it's possible that you would have received an automated email notifying you to update your information on PayPal. 


If you have any concerns if the email may not be legitimate, you should go directly to the PayPal website and login to update your information. I wouldn't advise you to go through any links in the email you received just to ensure to keep your account secure.


When you are logged in, you can go to the 'Wallet' page to view and update your information if required.


I hope this helps.