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Need to confirm identity, but I have no ID


Need to confirm identity, but I have no ID

Paypal is asking me to confirm my identity. I am totally FINE giving my TIN and SSN but my problem is I DON'T HAVE the physical ID. Here in the Philippines, getting your ID takes a LONG time. Even if I tried, they keep pointing me back and forth to my employer and to their processing branches (because my first employer registered me on my behalf and they never gave me the ID.)

To keep this short, I can't give my ID right now, not soon. I only have my company ID. So how can I get this resolved? I can provide other documents that may prove my identity such as my birth certificate. Please suggest something, I need PayPal for receiving my salary from freelance work and transferring it to my bank.

Will my account be limited? If so, does that mean I can't receive money and transfer it to my bank?


Re: Need to confirm identity, but I have no ID

Hi cysnchz, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum!


I would recommend providing your birth certificate along with a backup government-issued document to verify your identity. 


- Siobhan