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Need help with PSD2 verification


Need help with PSD2 verification


I'm trying to login to my account and all is stopped at the phone number verification and this is due to the fact that the number is incorrect. I'm trying to get in touch with a representative at the helpdesk so they can change the required for verification purposes phone number (the send code) but no avail. Need to have someone from the HQ helpdesk either contact me via email so we can resolve this matter or been notified of their email address. Thank you.


Re: Need help with PSD2 verification

Hello i have the same problem. I never added a phone number but there was one. I asked someone from customer service and he let me change my password(wich i know) and said i just had to wait 72 hrs. The next customer service Made a call back from Dublin, wich i was too late for, and 5 minutes after the call an english phone number has been added to my account as well???? I cant come further then the screen verifiy phone number and i see 2 phone Numbers i never added. So i call back to Dublin explaining them the situation, and all they tell me its a dutch account and only holland can help you, but they are unavailable. So Dublin can’t block my account if someone acces it right now nor change my number and customer service of holland/Dublin changed my number to an English number.. this is just stupid my bank account can be stolen but there is no one to help you great job paypal