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I made an account with a fake name so people wouldn’t know my real name but now I can’t get the money off of it because I gotta put in my social security number. How do I change my legal name?
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Re: Name



Sadly you are out of luck.

If you choose to open a legal financial account with a fake name for whatever very strange reason then no legal documents to prove i.d. will show that name so the account will not be verified.

The funds belong to someone with that fake name which sadly is not you.

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Re: Name

What the other person said, THAT!  Yup, using fake names for anything that has to doing with buying or selling is SHADY AS F!  The only reason somebody would use a fake name is if they were going to do something "shady"/fraudulent.  And don't' say you don't want people to know your name, cause I'll say, "so what?  If you're really scared then why would you buy online & give out your ADDRESS?!"  That's the one I'd worry about.  

Yeah, so if you used the name Bob Smith, you better hope that Bob Smith doesn't come around looking for his funds. lol....  

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