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Name update takes too long

New Community Member

Name update takes too long

So, I submitted a name update request. I uploaded the necessary documents and waited. I contacted support to see how long does it usually take and they said 8 days. It's been 8 days now and my name isn't updated yet. My questions are: 1. Is it normal for a simple name update request to take this long? 2. Why haven't my name changed even after waiting for the amount of time they said it should take?

Re: Name update takes too long

IKR? I'm trying to get my legal name updated on the US side. I've sent in my information three times over the last three weeks and have received no response whatsoever. This is absolutely unacceptable. Do I have to cancel my account and make a new one? I mean, it took my banks 15 minutes to make the change. This is ridiculous.


There is no direct customer service email, either, so I can't email them to find out what's going on or what's happening to my information. Paypal is notorious for horrible customer service anyway and this doesn't help.