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Name change,.. Need help. URGENT!!

New Community Member

Name change,.. Need help. URGENT!!

Hey guys!.


Hope all is well and all you are staying safe.


I have a major issue. It's been a very long time I've used this paypal account. I recently started a new store and was planning on connecting this account to it. To my surprise, I log in and see a different name on the account (a Stephanie Rios). I have no idea how this happened and who this person is, so I went ahead and updated as much info as I possibly could (phone number, address, etc). The only thing I couldn't change was my full name, since obviously it's not Stephanie.

I went ahead and changed my name as per the instructions and was asked to submit a picture ID and utility bill with my name on it. I did that, and still nothing. waited about a week and tried to upload info again, but Paypal is not allowing me to. not sure why. How can I get this name out of my account fully and have mine in there how it's supposed to be?


Can anyone help? This is urgent since I now have this Paypal attached to my store and don't want to confuse my customers seeing a totally different persons name instead of mine.


Please help!!!


Cheers and thank you guys for any help you could kindly send my way.


Jay Ortega


Re: Name change,.. Need help. URGENT!!

Hi, I am having a very similar problem and was wondering were you able to fix the issue. It is making me very stressed as they won't let the money out because the name on my account is my sons because he was helping me set up the account and the id I'm using to verify is mine. Any help will be largely appreciated.

Kind Regards