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Name Change / Nickname


Name Change / Nickname

Wow what an ordeal getting here.... Can someone please help me. My Birth name is Brandi <removed> but my Nickname is Dame <Removed>. How do I change my Birth name to a Nickname OR make it so that there is no name at all. I need my actual name removed. This is not the first time I have tried to contact you about this. Also I have made phone calls but no one picks up or I am passed around the switchboard NUMEROUS times, it's highly frustrating to talk to a human being. I'd hope to get this resolved within the next few hours, if not then days. Please this is more important than "just" a simple name change. I can prove that the Dame <Removed> is me via a screenshot of my Content Creating page ?? Let me know if this will help you in some way. I look forward ot hearing from you. Thank you 

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Re: Name Change / Nickname



If the name on the account is not a name that was ever your legal name, it is not likely that a name change will be possible. Names can be changed on an account in the following circumstances:


A legal name change

A minor misspelling

And in the case of an account for a registered business, a change in the designated contact for the company.


Changing from a fictitious name (or, as in your case, a name unrelated to your legal name) to a legally recognized name is not something that is supported. If the account is not currently limited, you may wish to close the account and open an account using the correct information.

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