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My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

I experienced the same problem today.  When I tried to log in I was taken to a site in Chinese.  At first I thought this might be a fake website trying to trick me into giving out my log in information.   On a second thought, if they want to trick me why would they change the language?  Makes no sense.


I logged in and found that everything is in Chinese.  I used a suggestion found here, right click on mouse and choose translate, this is on Chrome. Everything on page is now in English.  My money is safe no funny activities.  I withdrew all my money anyway.  I have always liked Paypal but this bothers me.  I had to spent time looking for a reloution so I can read my acount.  This is crazy.  

There is no edvidence of a hack on Paypal's system.  The best explanation I found is this, the company has webistes in other countries using the local lanuguages.  Somehow my log in was routed to the Chinese Paypal website.  I don't know how it happened since I have never shop from Chinese vendors or websites.         


I logged out and log back in .....everything in English.  Good!  It is routing mt to the English site again.    

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Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

I've found one cause for Paypal's homepage defaulting to Taiwan localization / Chinese language on Windows 10/Google Chrome.


When I had the Google PinYin IME installed the issue was persistent.


When I removed Google PinYin IME, the issue was immediately resolved.  I didn't even need to restart Chrome.  Just typed in again and it defaulted to English.


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

I found that when I went to the PayPal home page to log in, the page came up in French instead of English. I call PP support and she told me to go to the bottom of the home page and see what flag was showing in a small image. I then saw that it was the French flag. She had me click on the flag and then select the U.S. flag. This has seemed to fix the problem. Hope it keeps working.


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

Hi guys.


Sorry to hear that this has happened on your account. 


If the language hasn't been changed back on your PayPal accounts at this stage, can you please try reaching out to us directly via Twitter @AskPayPal or via
Facebook and we can look into this
further for you.