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My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

Please help me! Iam have the same problem and don't understand why my paypal is in Chinese! I just want to get back into my paypal and delet my bank information. I've tried login in on my phone, my iPad, and computer and it's all in Chinese. Can I please have a phone number to call paypal? I can't  go on my paypal page because it's all in Chinese. I found a phone number and even the recording was in Chinese. What the heck is going on?! I am not happy with paypal! Please someone help me! 


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

@PayPal_Rachael wrote:

Hi @AJ_In_SFBay,


I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened in your account. In a case like this it is a much better idea to give us a call. You can report unauthorised activity on our website like this but to be sure that everything is back the way you want it it's best to call. When you call we can also verify you on the phone and discuss any issues. 


To find our number click 'contact' at the bottom of any PayPal page then call us. 


I hope we can get this sorted quickly for you. 



How do you find the contact at the bottom of the page when you can't read the language???


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

Hi there Jlfull3,


Welcome to the Community.


Is the language on your account showing in a different language? If it is, I would advise you to try reaching out to us directly via Twitter @AskPayPal or via Facebook and we can look into this further for you.




Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

I have the same problem. The entire page is Chinese except for my name and the PAY PAL logo. You have said call using the contact us number at the bottom of the page. I'm sorry I don't read Chinese so I don't know how to open that tab since it is written in Chinese. Can you supply us with the number to call please. Thank you so much.Smiley Sad


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

Hi Lou52,


Welcome to our Community 🙂


If you scroll down this thread a little, you'll see that I have asked other community members to contact us via Facebook or Twitter so we can investigate this further.


You could also call us toll-free on 0800 358 7911 so we can take a closer look at what's happening here.


Why don't you give one of these options a try so we can get to the bottom of this once and for all?




Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

Is there a toll free number to contact in South Africa? This problem seems to be on going nearly a year later after these complaints were lodged, this being 10th June 2016. I tried logging on via the UK site, but with same results.

Thank you


Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

Glad to hear it 🙂 




Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

My account has recently been changed to Chinese after redownloading the app and I cannot change it back to English. Please help.

Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

When I attempt to login to PayPal, it's in English. But when I enter my email and password and press enter, it comes up with a screen in Chinese.


On the left, under what appears to be the PayPal logo, is a string of Chinese:




Google Translate tells me this says:


To help protect your account security, we regularly look for early signs of potential fraud activity.


To the right is a headline and text in Chinese:








Google Translate tells me this says:


We are concerned that there is a potential unauthorized activity

Confirm your identity, we will guide you through a few steps to ensure that your account more secure.

For safety reasons, we want to make sure that this is your account.


There is a command button with two Chinese glyphs that won't copy, probably something like OK or Continue.


Below this are three links:



Google Translate says these are:


Contact Safety Exit


I cannot see any link or right-click menu item that lets me change language settings. 


There is a header at the top of the page that seems to be a toolbar with the PayPal logo on the top-left. When I click that, it takes me back to the PayPal home page, in English, but I'm not logged in and can't change anything.


I don't see any need to go through confirming my identity on a Chinese-language page, even if it's a valid PayPal page. I'm an American user who does not speak Chinese. I definitely did not change my language settings to Chinese or anything else. I've checked on Ebay, and I don't have any recent activity there, and it's in English as it should be.


I cannot reach a page in English to get a phone number for PayPal support either.


This is a very effective way to keep the legitimate customers out of their own accounts while someone from another country (or within the US?) could have time to do what they want to many people's accounts, or potentially to PayPal itself. Not good, folks. I certainly don't want to be charged for anything going through PayPal on my account, from at least Dec. 10th and 11th, until this is resolved.


More to the point, how do I reach a point where I can change the language back to English and, if necessary, confirm that I am in fact the person who owns my account, up to and including changing my password, if needed? If the problem's severe enough, I'd consider cancelling my PayPal account and starting some point several days or weeks from now, if ever.


Also to the point: There ought to be a link, highly visible, to change languages, written in (at least) both English and Chinese, or how about the ten most common world languages? That way, if it gets set wrong, a user can easily change back, without having to take a wild guess, or without having any way to access what's rightfully, legitimately, their information as a valid customer.


Just what has happened that would cause this? Is it some broad change? Is it a hack? I sure hope not, for all our sakes.


All I want is to get my account back in order and to know my account (including my bank account) is safe.




Re: My Account Suddenly Became Chinese...

It hasn't been resolved for me.  Emails are still coming in in Chinese from PayPal.