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Moving to Another Country


Moving to Another Country

Appreciate all the answers in advance. I am an American living in Thailand. I will be moving to another country very soon so here are my questions. Will I be able to transfer all the information from my account that I created here in Thailand? Or I will need to close my account and withdraw all my funds before I leave? finally, can I add my US bank account to a PayPal account that is created outside the US?

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Re: Moving to Another Country



Paypal is country specific so if you move countries you have to open another paypal account in the country you reside in and add an address / phone number / bank accounts / cards from within that country.

You should really withdraw any funds / resolve issues / remove cards and bank accounts / cancel any subscriptions and close the old Paypal account before you move countries. 

You can however add a U.S bank account (not card) to 'most' other countries paypal accounts. This is because paypal is a U.S company and so allows this.

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