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Money Hungry Grubs -

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Money Hungry Grubs -

What I sent to PayPal after a 1-hour conversation with 3 random people in a call center





I wish to close my account because your business is fraudulent as you are withholding my funds due to a **bleep** clause that I do not agree with.


I am a registered business



I have an ecommerce website



I actioned order in time & supplied a tracking number

I think MY MONEY should be released based on the above criteria is met!

I have spoken to numerous empathetic call center people that cannot do a thing for me. Empathy does not get me my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am putting a complaint into the Financial Ombudsman Service Australia because your terms & conditions are fraudulent in Australia.


Now I want too close my account but I want my money first?


Does anybody @ PayPal/eBay care about their clients?


Don’t answer that as It has already been proven that they do not!


Please pass this message onto the Greedy bunch of Turkey's that run eBay/PayPal as they are ruining small business in Australia!


Kinds Regards - Scratch that!


Eat my **bleep**!