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Messy Login Due to Loss of Primary Phone Number

New Community Member

Messy Login Due to Loss of Primary Phone Number



I move between countries periodically (that is a norm in 2020) and I lost an access to the phone that is assigned as Primary on my PP Account. There is backup phone number, that PP and its Service Support recognizes. I can change my password with the backup phone number, but I can't login or leave a message in the message center. 


The problem is trivial, but PayPal team seems to be never ever thinking about trivial needs of simple humans. I sent a FB message, I sent an email, I 've been hanging on the phone past days, trying to talk to a person from the support. Nothing works, I got stuck.


I've been using PayPal from 2005 and this level of usability is just "incredible." I've seen other similar posts and they all suggest to call to the customer service. So, it's rather a scream into the void, than a support request)