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Mail Forwarding Service - What about Paypal?


Mail Forwarding Service - What about Paypal?

this is Sabrina from Belgium, nice to meet you!
Since some sellers on american shopping websites like Ebay, Amazon,... don´t ship overseas I registered with a mail forwarding company that provided me with an american adress, so my items are first being shipped to their US adress and then they send the parcels to me to Belgium, thus enabling me to buy from these sellers. However sometimes on Ebay it says that the item will be shipped (only) to the adress registered with Paypal if using it as payment method (which I usually do), and the only adress registered here is my home adress in Belgium. Can or should I register the US adress here, or is there another way to handle this? I need your help as I don´t know how to take care of this problem and I would hugely dislike having to use another payment method as I´d loose Paypals buyer protection?
Also, I´d like to ask how to verify the new adress as this is sometimes being requested too?
I would appreciate your help, thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards,



Re: Mail Forwarding Service - What about Paypal?

Hi @gryffin789,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that some sellers will not ship internationally.


Use of a forwarding service presents a few problems. First, it is not possible to add addresses to your PayPal account that are not in your country of residence. Another is that you would not have the same Purchase Protection once the item reaches the forwarding company if anything happens to it after that. Lastly, use of a forwarding company address used by other people may be considered to be high risk by our security reviews, especially since you would be unable to prove residence at that address.


I hope this helps!




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Re: Mail Forwarding Service - What about Paypal?

Hi Olivia, thank you very much for taking the time to reply and help, I appreciate it :-)! Unfortunately it happens every once in a while that sellers, even after being contacted personally, refuse to ship to me to Belgium, thus excluding me from auctions, sales ... ; this is particularly annoying because I am a collector and some items are very rare and don't show up often nor can they simply be found and bought elsewhere, therefore I was very happy to find out about those services as they seem to be the perfect solution for this problem. After browsing a while it turned out there are quite a few companies and my guess is that many (european) online shoppers face the same problem, therefore I had expected to find a somewhat more helpful solution for Paypal payment/ protection concerning these transactions. I don't really understand why it is being considered a high security risk, after all the companies are official, can easily be found online and they (PlanetExpress) confirmed that it is legal to have an adress with them. The fact that I don't live there is obvious and their street adress is general but they add a number for each registered customer, so my personal adress, due to the number, is unique. Once the item reaches them, I can pick and choose from several shipping services like USPS, UPS, DHL (all official too) add insurance + tracking and have the customs declaration filled out, then, they send it to me just like the seller usually does, transferring the risk to the carrier. Anyway, it would be awesome if you could tell me if there is anything I actually can do to use Paypal on an item that will be forwarded by PlanetExpress, and which service I can (or can't) expect in the case of trouble? Thank you so much again, this was my first question to the community, I am glad you replied ;-)! Kind regards, take care Sabrina