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Login Failure with correct details


Login Failure with correct details

I am currently having to reset my password every time I login because I am being told my login info is incorrect (it definitely isn't).
Is anybody experiencing a similar issue?

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Re: Login Failure with correct details

I too am having this issue. It started on Friday 25th September. I had to change my password to login to check the progress of a refund, the details I had entered were correct even though the webpage said they weren't. I didn't take too much notice at the time. Next night I was purchasing an item from a website and used Paypal to pay, couldn't login to the popup window, same issue as the night before, had to resort to paying for the item with my debit card. Changed password yet again. It is now Tuesday 29th, I've changed my password 6 times now, haven't gotten anywhere with messages on the message centre. I work during the day when customer services are available. I'll have to wait until its my day off to be able to phone customer services and actually speak to someone to hopefully fix this for me. I don't understand why this is happening, there has to be an issue on Paypal's end although nothing is mentioned on the status page.