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Logging in trouble

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Logging in trouble

Hello good people, I want to ask regarding to logging in trouble, so I forgot my id and trying to ask from PayPal but it's not helping in anyways, first thing is I have to call them, and they are not answering, second I need to email them which I need to log in first to email them, and as you know that I can not log in to my account because I forgot my ID. Does anyone can help me with this ?

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Re: Logging in trouble

I have two accounts with PayPal one under my business at <removed> and another personnel one at raymondhenryc the personal one is the one I am  having a problem with.

have verified it is still in existence but the option to changing my password is an old phone number I no longer use and a question I cannot remember the answers to.

Could someone help me to gain access to my personal Paypal account as email and phones are not working to get assistance from PayPal?

you can contact me on either of the above e-mail with your suggestions please.