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Log-in problem

New Community Member

Log-in problem

Dear readers,


I've been caught up in a vicious circle that I don't know how to break it.


I want to log in to my account but I needed to change my password, PayPal sends a 6 digit number to my email. When I enter the 6 digits, they ask me to send a text message to my old phone number (which I don't have access to) or I need to answer 2 security questions (it has been such a long time that I don't remember the answers). 


Every time I want to change the password I can't get passed this stage, I've tried to call the service centre several times but there's no one available. I've tried to follow the guidelines provided by PayPal but I still need to receive a text message (I can't change my phone number without logging in), or answer the security questions (I forgot the answers).


Is there anyone who has had the same problem or knows how I can break this circle?


Thanks in advance,