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Locked out of my account - I keep getting this error "Something went wrong on our end"

New Community Member

Locked out of my account - I keep getting this error "Something went wrong on our end"

First of all, this is a newer paypal account. My original paypal account i must have made in 2012 or earlier. I made the account under my Moms name but with my email address. 


The phone number on the account is a home phone from that time period, and that phone is long gone.


The security questions were written by 10 year old me, I know the correct answers but I don't know what 10 year old me wrote. 


None of this would be an issue, BUT, my wife needed to use my paypal and I gave her the email for my 2012 account. As a result, there is money sitting in that account that I literally cannot access.


I have the email the account was made with still and I tried to recover the account via email, I entered the recovery code and then the "something went wrong on our end" paypal error.pngstarted. I tried to recover it 6 times, all 6 times the code was entered correctly and I created a new password. After making the new password, I get that notification. recovery emails.png


I am now locked out of even using my email to recover the account. I am left with only a dead landline number and recovery questions written by a prepubescent me. 


I have the address, account holders name, email, phone number, social security numbers, names of banks it was connected to, etc etc etc. 




Is there anything I can do?