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Linking card or Bank account

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Linking card or Bank account

Hello there!! I have been trying to link my bank account for a while now to no avail. I also recently acquired a Mastercard but it's not going through either. Paypal is not responding to my messages kindly I'll forever be grateful if I'll be helped.

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Re: Linking card or Bank account



You can't add a local bank account in your country, only a card.
The only exception is you can add a U.S bank account to other countries paypal accounts. This is because Paypal is a U.S company.
Also the option to withdraw funds (unless you have a U.S bank account is limited.

There are the added options only in Kenya of using the services of M-PESA or Equity Bank to transfer funds out of a PayPal account. If unable to get those to work, customer service assistance would be needed.

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