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Legal Name

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Legal Name



The issue that I am having is that on my paypal MasterCard, and my account in general, my name reflects my previous last name (which I did create the account years ago with.) I have not legally gone by this last name in almost 3 years since my divorce when my LEGAL name changed back to my maiden name, and even getting a new SS card and Drivers License was not this difficult! I need this updated and no matter who I speak to, I am told you need proof, such as something as serious as my divorce decree (which could be anywhere) and that even then there is no guarantee my account can even be updated and I should have thought about this?!?! Sorry I did not PLAN a divorce! It is completely unacceptable to not be able to change something this insignificant and there has to be another way? Correct? Or is it is easier to create an entire new account?

If anyone has suggestions because I get no where with customer support!? 

Thank you in advance! 

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Re: Legal Name



Unfortunately, it has to be that serious because this is the internet, PayPal don't know how is on the end of their computer so official docs are needed to change name on the account and people's finances and info is associated with these PayPal accounts and PayPal is responsible for maintaining the security of each account. It's a PITA but thems the new security measures we have to deal with ever since the US Patriot Act. Get a copy of the decree from your lawyer, pdf it and upload it to the case.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂