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Late or no PayPal code verification text


Late or no PayPal code verification text

Hello, I've been having this problem for a month now. I have Two-factor authentication turned on. However, I haven't been getting the verification texts despite resending multiple times. A few times, the messages came in en masse after an hour. Please help. Although I can log in via browser using my security questions, I can't do the same on the PayPal app.

Re: Late or no PayPal code verification text

Hi there Markvincent777.


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear that you are not receiving two-factor verification codes that you are requesting through the PayPal website. 


I would advise that you try deleting and reinstalling the PayPal app to see if that helps to improve the experience that you are having at the moment. I would also ask if you could try logging in using a different mobile device to see if that helps with you being able to access your account.


It's also possible that the delays in the messages being received could be with your mobile provider. You could try reaching out to them directly to ask them if they have been experiencing issues with customers not receiving automated messages.


I hope this helps.