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Why does everything have to be in German here in Switzerland.  There are many other cantons in this ...


Now it's all in German.  I have tried going into my account, but see no language settings.  When I get a mail from you, if I have time, I will Google translate it, otherwise I just ignore it.  I can't spend my life on google translate.  The same goes for my E bay purchases- all correspondence comes back in German.  Why?  I bought it in the UK on E Bay.UK, and that should come back as English.This is so frustrating.  


I am really disgusted, as apparently so are lots of people, but they are too scared or shy to say anything.


Re: Language

Hi @Pachepanache


I believe the Language setting in your account is listed as German hence the reason why you are receiving email notifications from PayPal in German Language. If you are having difficulties to change the language setting in your PayPal account, kindly contact your local PayPal support line and request them to change your language settings to English.






Re: Language

Hi Peter, at least in my case, it is not due to the language setting. I have English in my account settings but I keep receiving e-mails in German. I also live in Switzerland, but I'd rather receive my e-mails in Italian, English or French.



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Re: Language

Hi Leevio!


Did you solve this issue?  I have the exact same problem...

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Re: Language



has this issue been solved? And if yes, could you help me spot the answer, didn't find it.
Ihave the same matter, and i just don't read German..

my profile is set to English, but all communication sent to my mailbox are in German.


thank you very much,