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Juicy story, ends with major problems!


Juicy story, ends with major problems!

Hi paypal users, To start this whole day off with me and a juicy story: Sent money to a friend, it left my paypal balance and she received it. Heres where this is no longer my problem.. She is now experiencing issues transferring money to her bank. The money left her paypal balance (the money I sent her earlier today). She doesnt have access to the funds on her debit card of choice. She is positive that this is my fault and that I need to fix it.. Can someone please give her words of advice??
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Re: Juicy story, ends with major problems!



If its completed FROM your account and showed IN her paypal balance then as far as you are concerned that is the end of it and you can do no more.


The fact she is having issues withdrawing the funds is between her and paypal and nothing to do with you.


If she is in the U.S as well then send her this link.

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