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Issue with restoring old account

New Community Member

Issue with restoring old account

I tried to restore an old account that has a dead phone number via password reset, after I sent in the password verification code it asked me to sent the code from the phone, but it is a long dead lanline that doesn't exist. I tried calling and I tried sending a message but both are not available right now apparently. Is there no way to get help? Is there no customer service at all? This is very frustrating that there is literally no one around to even take messages.


Re: Issue with restoring old account

Here’s the number for PayPal support <removed> in the United States I had to write because they removed the number when I put in in numbers format I had the same issue my account was linked to an old phone number that they were sending a verification code too. I called the above number and spoke with a PayPal rep and got the issue fixed. They removed my old phone and added my new phone to my account.