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Inhance security from ID fraud

New Community Member

Inhance security from ID fraud

Paypal need to allow members to choose a shortened version of their name (or Initial & surname) for the Delivery address.

This used to be a feature but now I get everything I paid for via Paypal blazened with my full name across the package.

Obviously, this is a concern as any part of the delivery chain can now see my full name and address -- 2 major parts of ID Fraud scam.

Before you had a option to choose your delivery details - shortened name + address and that needs to be brought back asap.

Most people use Paypal as a safe why to pay especially when ordering from companies/indivduals you aint sure of and giving access to your full name is worrying and open to obuse either by the company or any other individual along the supply chain.

Paypal please give your members a option to shorten the name on the delivery address